Friday, July 24, 2009

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Month Update

So I'm back to my old ways of sparse updates. How many of you are really missing these, though? I mean, really.

I have kept up my work blog, Behind the Fold, which publishes every Friday at:

Here are a few faves from the last month.

Yeah've never seen this before, right? Sometimes, you gotta fall back on some cliches. This was for a Hanford stimulus story about the potential need for increased traffic patrols.

Scott Albin deposits cardboard that he collected from Red Lion Inn in Kennewick, where he initiated a recycling program.

Zumba feature photo. Gallery at:

Agustin Ocampo, 15, and Adolpho Solario, 16, pass the time with a grass fight as firefighters investigated smoke inside Pasco High School Wednesday afternoon.

Here's a good ol' "America Fuck Yeah" outtake from our local TEA Party. Gallery at:

And some assorted sports and features:

If this isn't enough for you here are some recent galleries:

Family Fitness
Dance Competition
Richland track meet
Hanford at Kennewick soccer
West Valley at Kamiakin baseball
Kennewick at Hanford baseball
Othello at Prosser soccer
Kennewick at Southridge soccer
Walla Walla at Richland baseball

See you next month?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Prosser Girls Hat Trick

Three days, three state playoff games, one team I was in charge of covering.

Here are some from tonight when Prosser lost the semifinal game:

And the galleries from:

Wednesday (1st Round)
Thursday (Quarterfinal)
Friday (Semifinal)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

High School Friendly Competion

Better late then never, right? This was a competition of more than 300 high school students with Hanford engineers acting as judges. Teams had 45 minutes to design and build a device that delivered a pencil to a specific distance using only common office supplies.


Also...a week-old item. I did a Soundslides for the first time in months. I'm not too happy with the photos, but I thought the audio turned out OK. It's a very basic, straightforward, slideshow:

Basketball Double Header

One local team won the regional title:

The other lost the battle for a state playoff berth and dragged out the game with lots of fouls:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Radcon 2009

I had a fun time shooting at our local Sci-Fi Convention, Radcon. You can see a full (some might say excessive) photo gallery at: